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Studying in England is a fantastic opportunity. The education here is top-notch, and the region has such a rich history. With the continent, just a cheap plane ride away, all the dream vacation spots are accessible for so cheap that a weekend getaway isn't out of the budget even for the money-conscious students.

The advisors at Study Across the Pond were absolutely invaluable! They patiently took the time to answer all of my specific questions about anything that had to do with applying and moving to the UK. They guided me through what is a very complicated process step by step so that I was never overwhelmed by the things I had to get done to make it happen.

Their depth and breadth of knowledge about the UK, university applications, and VISAs make their services worth far more than I can express. They sent out timely guides on the topics that I needed to address before I needed to address them such that I never was in danger of missing a deadline or skipping something important.

They offer such a broad range of partner universities that I never once felt as though I had to limit my options as I worked with them. When I had selected my major, the advisors told me exactly which of their university partners offered it so that I could focus my research. Then they made the application process unbelievably easy. I filled out one form and sent all of the information to my advisor, and they took care of the rest!

Thank you, Study Across the Pond! I am studying in England now. Without your help, I never would have made this dream of mine a reality!


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A Great University Town

Oxford Brooks University student

Across the Pond actually recommended Oxford Brookes’ international foundation as a program that isn’t just geared towards people with English as a second language. It’s geared towards any international student, regardless of language. 

Oxford is obviously a great university town and it is nice because it is a big city but at the same time, it still has a very kind of small-town feel almost. It’s the perfect size! 

Oxford suits a lot of people, and a lot of international students because you can get a feeling of what a UK city is like without it being a daunting size.

Taking an international foundation at Oxford Brookes has probably been one of the most beneficial moves that I have made. The greatest thing that this program has allowed me to do was really develop my writing and understand how that fits into the university system over here. It’s got me used to the way the UK grading system works and how a UK university wants you to write papers – that is not as big an issue over in the States. Having a foundation program that really focuses on writing papers has probably been a really great step in preparing for a degree program over here. I think I would have been a little bit unsettled jumping straight into a degree as I would not have expected to have so many written assignments.

My foundation lecturers are just great! I feel like they’re always looking out for the students’ best interests. I definitely would rate Oxford Brookes extremely highly on how satisfied I have been with the school. There are obviously some frustrations, but I think you’re going to find that at any school. I feel like when I raise issues with Oxford Brookes they’re actually concerned about them and they go out of their way to get you an answer. They do really try and promote the students’ satisfaction.


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The Best Thing about My Course Is My Professors

Oxford Brooks University student

I was researching degrees that I was interested in and Biotech was the main thing that I had been considering. Oxford Brookes offered the degree, and when I saw that it was in Oxford, I was just like, ‘Oh this is perfect, I would love to live in that city.' I love the architecture of the city – absolutely beautiful, it’s a wonderful place.

In the UK you get a lot more research experience. They require you to do a project and submit a 10,000-word thesis. In the US that’s optional, and you can actually get your degree without doing it.

Also, you have two years to complete a master’s in the US because they make you take more electives that aren’t really related to what you want to study. Whereas here you get to do exactly what you want and you don’t waste a lot of time doing other stuff.

The best thing about this course is honestly my professors – they were all fantastic. Very helpful, very intelligent, and … they’re actually just like good fun, nice people too. They have a little bit more of a personal relationship with you because the classes are smaller … so I really like that.


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Landed A Job Six Months before Graduation

Oxford Brooks University student

Through the assistance from Brookes lecturers and the Brookes Career Services Center, I landed myself a job at Deloitte Real Estate six months before I had even graduated.

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Very Friendly

Oxford Brooks University student

Oxford is such a beautiful city. There’s always something to do, if you ever want to just go exploring down a street there are so many little things here to do. The people here are very friendly; it’s such a student-friendly city.


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