How to apply study in UK

How do I apply to a UK university?

Applying is surprisingly simple with the free guidance and expertise of the Across the Pond team.

In order to apply to our partner UK colleges and universities, fill out an enquiry form and one of our student advisors will get in touch and assist you with any next steps.

Whether you have a question about studying in the UK, would like more information on specific universities or programs, or you are ready to start the application process, we can help!



In order to complete your application, you will need one letter of recommendation if you are an undergraduate student. The UCAS undergraduate application has very specific formatting requirements, so we can offer guidance to help ensure the letter is structured clearly and appropriately. If you are a graduate student, two letters of recommendation is usually required. We can help your referee with what to write. 

An official transcript of your current/most recent grades will also be required from your current or most recent place of education.



Each university will expect a personal statement of approximately 500 words to be submitted. Your Across the Pond advisor will provide you with detailed guidelines on how to write the perfect statement and provide you with feedback to ensure it meets the criteria British universities expect.

We will walk you through every step and help you with everything you need to know about and consider in order to study in the UK. Contact one of our student advisors and start your next academic adventure!

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