Very Helpful

London student

Across the Pond was a great resource to have during my application process to Kingston University. I had started my search for a master's program and university several months prior to discovering Across the Pond, and I found it difficult to know which programs were reputable and worthwhile. My advisor was very helpful in answering the questions I had about the universities they have relationships with, and I am so far very happy with my final selection.

The great thing about Across the Pond is they provide support throughout the entire process, from application to visa. I cannot imagine having to apply for financial aid or a visa without help from my advisor. The UK functions differently than the US, and I found it helpful to have a contact here who answered my questions promptly and who was familiar with how we operate in the US. I felt good knowing I was receiving support from both the university and Across the Pond, and that made me confident that everything would go through successfully.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Across the Pond if you are at all interested in studying in the UK. The advisors are a valuable resource who understand both countries and all of the components necessary to go to school in the UK.


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I Want to Move Back

Kingston University

According to recent league tables, the UK offers the best education in the English-speaking world. Based on your experience, would you agree with this statistic? 

It seems better than the American educational system at least. You develop more of a rapport with your professors. There is more opportunity for group work and networking. You get out what you put in, you are more involved in the research and learning process.

Since your graduation, how has your UK education and experience impacted your life? 

I’ve noticed interviewers are more impressed. I gained a lot of perspective there. I was able to travel more than I ever thought possible. I am now obsessed with the idea of moving back.

Where do you work and what is your position? 

I'm a Tradeshow Events Coordinator at Emerald Expositions. 


How long did it take you to get your job post-graduation? 

2 months.

Many students tell us their UK degree got them in the door for interviews. Did you find this to be the case? Were employers interested in and impressed with your British education? 

Yes, they were.

What advice would you give someone currently considering their education in the UK? 

Do it! But try to save up beforehand and try not to get so excited about the travel and novelty that you forget you are there for school.


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Loved Every Minute of My Experience

Kingston University student

I first discovered Across the Pond when a close friend decided to attend Durham University. I asked how he made the decision and how he would go about making it happen. That’s when he told me he was receiving help from the Across the Pond program and how much it had helped him. I had always dreamed of studying abroad myself and had just recently completed my undergraduate studies, so when he told me this I jumped on my computer and got on the website, within 24 hours I was chatting with my incredibly friendly advisor.

She talked me through every step of the process; even if I e-mailed her late at night or during the weekend she’d somehow get back to me extremely quick. Even though I had my heart set on England, I accepted an offer in Australia instead. Once I started my program there I realized I had made a mistake and just had to go with the program I’d originally loved in London. I once again contacted my advisor and asked if it was too late and she reassured me I could still make it happen. Within 48 hours of making my decision, I had already, with my advisor's help, sent in my late application to my chosen school in London. Her support was more than I could have ever bargained for and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Once I arrived in England it was extremely easy to get settled because I made the decision to live in the dormitories. I attended Kingston University, located a mere 15-20 minutes from central London. I received my Master of Arts in Publishing and loved every minute of my MA experience! Kingston itself is a great place to live, although be warned the cost of accommodation can be quite high! This being said I suggest seeking accommodation a few months prior to arrival. Food and nightlife are not far from US prices and almost cheaper in comparison. If you feel like you’ll need a job to cover the costs there are plenty of places to apply, as Kingston is a massive shopping area.

During my spare time, I traveled to Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Copenhagen, and places within England. It was extremely cheap to travel in Europe and during my spare time from classes I had plenty of opportunities to explore London, which is and will always be my favorite city in the world!


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