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Why study in the UK?

Here at Across the Pond, we would argue the benefits are endless. Our partner universities are some of the best institutions in the UK and offer an incredible array of programs and opportunities. If we had to choose, these are some of the top advantages to choosing a university in Britain:


  • No GRE required

    Grad students, the UK university admissions process does not require the Graduate Record Examination score for admission. All you need for your application is your GPA, reference letters, and a personal statement!


  • Finish your Degree Faster

    Your education does not have to take ages.  A three-year bachelor’s and one-year master’s lets you get straight to the point, requiring you to take only those classes which relate to your major.  Less time means less money, but you will walk away with a respected degree from a distinguished university that is transferable around the world.


  • Cheaper Tuition in the UK

    Higher education is expensive, but you’ll be pleased to know that tuition fees are often less expensive in the UK than in the US. If you’re looking to study a program at one of the top higher education institutions at a price that doesn’t exceed your budget – check out our UK partners.


  • UK Degrees Recognized in the US

    If you’re feeling deterred from applying to a UK university because you’re nervous about your career in the US, there’s no need! Our UK partner universities all offer programs that you can utilize when applying for jobs at home after your studies.


  • UK Degrees Impress Potential US Employers

    American employers in general will be impressed with an applicant who has studied overseas, especially at a UK university. Not only is the academic standard at our partner universities valued and of high prestige, your experiences abroad will demonstrate that you are independent, open-minded, flexible and up for a challenge!


Across the Pond knows firsthand the many advantages of pursuing a degree abroad. All of our expert student advisors have studied in the UK themselves and love to share their experiences and knowledge with other students thinking about taking the leap. We are here to make it as simple and streamlined as possible. You can learn more about how the process works with Across the Pond here




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