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Yes, there are scholarships available to international students from our partner universities. They vary in award amount, eligibility criteria and application steps. Each university has its own internal assessment process as to how they distribute their awards. Most scholarships are awarded as a tuition fee discount, which means the award amount will be deducted from your overall tuition fees before you begin to pay your fees. If you require a student visa to study in the UK, we highly recommend that you apply early for any scholarships you find as it will help ensure a smoother process. Find out more about the visa application here.  


Country-Specific Scholarships: these scholarships are typically available to students who are nationals of a specific country or countries. Some of our partners offer scholarships for American students exclusively or sometimes they may be specific to North America. If you are applying from the United States but are not sure whether you would meet the eligibility criteria for a country-specific scholarship (for example, if you are a permanent resident but not a citizen), we can help you find answers from the university itself.

Departmental Scholarships: these scholarships are only available to applicants of a specific academic department or school at a university. Sometimes these scholarships may apply only to a specific program or demographic within that school or department. For example, a university might have scholarships for students applying to their Business School or for any graduate students applying for a Marketing degree inside the Business School.

Sports Scholarshipsthese scholarships are typically available to help encourage students to continue playing sports during their studies and to become a member of the university's sporting community. Some sports scholarships may cover coaching fees or access to appropriate facilities while living on campus. Others may cover agreed-upon expenses such as travel or accommodation while representing the university in national or international competitions. Sports scholarships are available for a variety of different sports from football (soccer) to swimming, athletics (track & field) to ice hockey. 

Academic Excellence: most often, universities award their international scholarships based on academic merit. Sometimes these scholarships will require a separate application and sometimes a student will automatically be assessed for the scholarship when their application to the university program is assessed. 

Unfortunately, academic merit-based scholarships can exclude many students who may need any financial assistance they can get to help fund their studies. We think all students who are capable of and interested in studying in the UK should have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to support their studies. Based on this philosophy, we have developed our very own partner scholarship program. Through this program, we encourage universities to provide scholarships that are open to any applicant working with Across the Pond. Read more on our partner scholarships here.


Several scholarships will have application deadlines, some as early as January. Most scholarship applications will require that you have been offered a place at the university first, so it is wise to get your application in early!  


You can speak with one of our student advisors to find out more about what scholarships are available at your universities of interest or we can help you to find the most economical university for you if funding is a concern. Read more about what to expect in terms of costs and funding for your studies in the UK. 

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