Can't Thank You Enough

University of Kent student

I really do have to extend a huge thanks to my advisor at Across The Pond. You were available at all times, you constantly responded in a timely fashion, and it's hard to explain how much help you really did provide. I think the process of applying to graduate school is very daunting for some people and something like Across the Pond is a great way of helping facilitate this difficult process. I can't thank you enough and give you and the company very high praises for your amazing work.


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My Advisor Was So Helpful from Start to Finish

University of Kent

Deciding on going back to school in my 40s was difficult, but once I found Across the Pond, I was able to get clear answers to questions that were holding me back.

I was so impressed with the number of universities they had to choose from and my advisor was so helpful from start to finish, answering my myriad of questions on the different programs available for my subject of interest and even doing research for me, finding options that might fit. It was amazing to be able to apply to several schools all at once and to have her expert guidance through every step. It was especially refreshing not to have to worry about fees for the applications or taking GRE testing.

Once I began to receive offers, my adviser helped me get answers to questions that were crucial in helping me decide on the right school and course of study by linking me with other students who had experience in the program.

Canterbury, which is in the South East of England, is charming and beautiful and actually much larger than I'd expected with several major schools, so the city has a wonderful collegiate vibe as well as that very old-world British feel.  When you leave the City center, you are right there among farms and pastures and little villages. I chose the University of Kent because it had ties to several major European cities and was listed in the top 20 schools in the UK and 1st for research, which is very impressive.

It also ranks very high each year in student satisfaction. It also has a great Creative Producing program in Drama which many schools don't have. Because I'm in such a vibrant city, I've joined a gym and spend time with new friends and simply enjoy the countryside by taking long walks. I also bought the all-access bus pass for Kent/East Sussex County so any days I am not committed to class or work, I take random buses and explore all the wonderful cities within my county. It's a great way to get to know England and so nice when you only pay once for your pass and then all year zip around from bus to bus and city to town to village and back again.

I've also developed an obsession with charity shops, England having so many. Every city you go to has at least two or three and often many more and you can spend hours going in and out of them exploring and finding great bargains. I find them very helpful in stocking my kitchen and dorm room with necessities and all the money spent goes to worthy charities, a win-win!

I also make it to London at least once a month if not more to see shows and just enjoy the City. We are a very quick, one-hour train ride to London. The University of Kent also has a large international student base and the faculty and staff work very hard to make us feel at home.

I love my dorm in Woolf College (for graduate students only) and am glad I chose to live on campus. They also strive to ensure employability when you graduate and take great pride in having the high majority of their graduates go on for further studies or are working in their chosen field within six months of graduation. They have resources available for employment, including resume writing and interview skills and pretty much anything you could need to ensure success after you graduate and all included with your basic tuition.

Also, they provide complimentary foreign language classes, and I'm enjoying taking Italian. It is truly a great deal of work being a student again and it takes a lot of dedication but it's worth it.  Across the Pond is a huge reason I'm here and seeing my dream of studying in England coming true.


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