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Interested in studying business in the UK? Join us as we hear from the University of Exeter's Becca Hill and learn all about why applying to Exeter's Business School should be at the top of your list. A Russell Group uni with both undergraduate and graduate courses ranging from international business, finance, marketing, management and even an MBA, Exeter is one of the only business schools in the world that offers triple accreditation. It also was deemed Business School of the Year by Times' Higher Education in 2022! In this webinar you'll get an in depth look at everything Exeter's Business School has to offer: its beautiful campus and facilities, focus on sustainable business practices, and commitment to student satisfaction and developing leaders for a better world. 

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One of the Top Universities in England

Exeter campus

It was by chance that I stumbled upon Across the Pond while I was figuring out how to apply to the UK. With such an opportunity available to me, I applied to their organization as soon as I saw it and I must say, they were great.

Through every step of the way, they have provided crucial information along with a friendly spirit. There were a lot of forms to be filled out, which I never would have known if it were not for Across the Pond. I actually had the chance to meet with my advisor in my city and it was a pleasure to finally talk to her.

Furthermore, to top it off, the excellent services they offer are also free! I can truly say that through the organization, you save time and money and make the application process to the UK stress-free. Thanks to them, I am now studying at the University of Exeter, one of the top universities in England and with one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen.

All in all, if you are really thinking of applying to the UK, please ask for help from Across the Pond! You will not regret it!


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I'm So Glad I Found Across the Pond

Exeter city centre

I'm so glad I found Across the Pond! My personal advisor counseled me through every step, from choosing which unis to apply to, to writing my personal statement, and then later helping me decide which program was right for me, and guiding me through the visa application process. He was always there to promptly address any questions or concerns I had and offered invaluable advice to make my application process and transition to a UK university as stress-free as possible. I can't imagine having done it all without the support of Across the Pond.


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My International Experience Will Enhance My Employability

Exeter student

I chose the University of Exeter for a number of reasons: reputation, resources, size, and location. I was really interested in earning a master’s degree related to business management with some type of international component, but personally, was not inclined to earn an MBA. A one-year course studying International Management in England was perfectly suited to my goals and aligned with the direction I wanted to follow, especially in a foreign country. I felt that the classes covered in this program embodied the aspects of academia that I wanted to dive into while bringing in my previous knowledge and experience to build a versatile degree for my future.

Prior to studying at the Business School, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic and Corporate Communication with a minor in Psychology, from Chapman University in Southern California, USA. Following this, I worked as a Human Resource intern for six months at a global medical technology company specializing in non-invasive patient monitoring devices.

The University of Exeter is an exceptional institution with some of the best resources and the most incredible staff I have ever had the privilege to work with. I have benefitted greatly from both the lecturers' teaching styles and time spent with professors outside of class. I have particularly enjoyed the Global Career Management course led by Becky Kilsby and Claire Dinan. This course covers a broad range of practical information to specifically help students grow professionally in their careers, rather than just a course rich in academic information.

The University of Exeter’s campus is the perfect size, and with a central location, it’s easy to walk into the town centre for lunch and shopping with friends, or to catch a bus or train for a weekend getaway. The scenery is lovely, the older buildings give the atmosphere character, and walking around the hilly campus is a great way to stay in shape and catch a break from sitting in class.

Moving to Exeter from Southern California was not too much of a “culture shock” or challenge for me. I arrived overjoyed for this opportunity with a positive and open mindset and with a genuine willingness to adapt to a new environment. One of the biggest highlights has been the international feel of the university, which was exactly what I was looking for. Establishing amazing and lasting friendships with people from all over the world is something I will cherish forever and often reflect upon. I truly would have not had the same experience without branching out and building relationships with my peers.

My advice for students wishing to come to Exeter would be to do so with an adaptable and motivated spirit, taking time to truly immerse themselves in post-graduate life and establishing solid relationships from the very beginning. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to stay on track, using time and energy management skills, whilst learning how to be responsible and fully take care of yourself away from home. I would also recommend building a good rapport with your professors and to meet with them, even if just for a chat. The staff here are extraordinarily friendly, approachable, and welcoming to international students, use them as a resource!

I have made the decision to pursue my career back in the USA. Before I leave, I am thankful for the opportunity to travel through Europe and catch a break before beginning the next chapter. I absolutely believe that my international experience earning a postgraduate degree from a prestigious UK university will enhance my employability. Conducting a final business consulting project, connecting local businesses and stakeholders interested in the future of Exeter as a city, has also provided a hands-on, practical experience that will prepare me to effectively launch my career.


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