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Loughborough student

Why Loughborough University London?

Legacy was a huge reason for my venture across the pond. My older brother completed his undergraduate degree at Loughborough University and never had a boring story to tell. He always spoke about his life as if he was a king in a palace. With me being an athlete myself, the legacy of sports that come with the Loughborough name was also a major attraction. Thirdly, my idea of starting a business landed me here. I was accepted to one of the best universities Europe has to offer to pursue and learn about a career in entrepreneurship.

What have you most enjoyed about your program so far? 

I’ve most enjoyed my entrepreneurship course and the people I’ve built friendships with here. The professors are very interested in the topics of study, and they are willing to lend a helping hand at any point. It’s as if they want to make this a family experience, alongside the great educational opportunity.

 What attracted you to the program?

The chance to work on and develop my business plan, business idea, and myself as a leader is what attracted me most to Entrepreneurship, Finance, & Innovation. I saw an opportunity here to grow and make connections I would not otherwise have gotten if I had stayed back in America.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself on a beach, off the coast of Ibiza, sipping on an ice-cold Green Granizada and staring at my four million dollar yacht while scrolling down my ARK profile page.

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study at Loughborough University London?

I’d advise prospective students to come here with an open mind and open heart. There are so many experiences to be had at the university and in London. Do not be scared to venture out and do new things. Do the uncomfortable and see what great things can happen for you.

How would you describe "Enterprise through the Curriculum"?

"Enterprise through the Curriculum" is designed to improve the employability of students at Loughborough University. It is a group of assessments that test your abilities and skills as they pertain to thought processes and developing ideas for the delivery of a business solution. The hope is to pinpoint individual qualities (which range from 'needs improvement' to 'excellent') that can be improved and eventually implemented in a working environment.

Give 3 reasons how "Enterprise through the Curriculum" will benefit your future career. 

  • It improves my leadership capabilities
  • I work better in a team and have improved my listening skills
  • It develops public speaking/pitch/presentation skills


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Great Academic Reputation

Loughborough student

The main reason why I decided to come to Loughborough University was the academic reputation of the university as a whole, and more specifically the reputation of the school of Business and Economics. Physical fitness is also a priority in my life, so choosing Loughborough University made perfect sense. Loughborough has elite-level equipment and facilities that allow me to remain active and strong throughout my academic journey.

Banking and Financial Markets is my favorite class thus far. I am really fascinated about what caused the events leading up to the financial crisis and this class gives a detailed account of the big picture and all the major players that help cause the global event. All the professors and advisors have been amazing. If I ever need anything, someone is always there to help.

Power Base is my favorite place on campus. When I am not sitting in a lecture or in the library, you can find me at Power Base. The location of the University is also great. I have traveled to many cities in England and due to the fact that Loughborough is centrally located it is extremely easy to take weekend trips to cool locations.

How did you fund your master’s degree?

I served 6 years in the United States Navy, which provided the opportunity to have the Department of Veterans Affairs via the Post 9/11 GI Bill, pay my tuition and provide a living stipend. Serving my country was absolutely amazing and the United States pay their gratitude by financially supporting their veterans and allowing us to focus on studying full time to make the most out of the opportunity.  

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to work for an investment bank.


How do you think studying this course at Loughborough University will help you achieve these ambitions?

Studying at Loughborough has improved my critical thinking skills and given me the confidence to research and find solutions that may go against conventional wisdom.


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Loughborough Is Really Diverse

Loughborough building

Leaving home and traveling across the Atlantic to come and study in the UK, I wanted to make sure I was choosing the best place possible to study. I spent four months researching the rankings of the course and university as well as the location in terms of traveling within Europe. My first impression of the Loughborough campus upon arrival was that it was very pretty and reminded me of home, coming from a small town in Michigan.

The professors here at Loughborough are incredibly passionate about their subject areas and this helps motivate the students in class particularly when the professors are referencing their own research. Our very first lecture was by Professor Clyde Williams, he has a building named after him on campus – so is a pretty big deal in Sports Science!

The other aspect of my course I really enjoy is the fact that we are taught by different professors specializing in their subject area, rather than one professor covering lots of subjects. I am also very impressed by the safety of the campus, with 24-hour security, and is located near a small town I feel very safe walking around at night. Plus, the facilities on the campus mean everything is accessible; a medical center, pharmacy, dentist, opticians, and hairdressers, all on-campus – alongside shops and restaurants. I can also get my grocery shopping delivered to my accommodation which is great! 

When I first moved into my hall of residence, I was pleased to see that Loughborough University is really diverse – all of my seven roommates come from different countries and are studying different degrees, this has really helped me to make friends outside of my course.


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Master's Degree in One Year

loughborough sports


I played basketball at college and heard through friends that the eligibility rules were different in the UK, so I could continue playing basketball whilst studying for my Master's. We happened to have a coach come over from Loughborough to deliver some clinics and he explained the setup of competitive and college basketball in the UK, as well as the fantastic reputation of Loughborough University in sports.


Having never studied abroad due to my basketball commitments I was keen to travel and to be able to continue playing basketball whilst getting my master's in one year was the perfect opportunity. I made contact with the Loughborough coach that had come to visit our college and I applied for and received an elite athlete scholarship for Women’s Basketball at Loughborough. I looked at a couple of other options in the UK, but none could match the scholarship or support I was being offered at Loughborough and I wanted to keep studying rather than find a job in the real world!


Coming from a small college, I found the huge campus a little overwhelming at first, but I really like the town and the Students' Union – it's a great meeting place. The professors here are easy-going and approachable, though I did find the teaching style different, especially with some of my modules being wholly exam-based, so I make sure when I’m not playing basketball that I’m studying and organizing my time effectively. I don’t have time for a job at the moment as we train every day and then have matched a couple of times a week. As well as playing in the BUCS (inter-university league), I also play for a National Basketball League Division 1 side, so I’m really enjoying meeting new people outside of university too. The other great perks to the basketball scholarship (as well as reducing the cost of my tuition) is the dedicated hours at the elite athlete gym on campus and the access to physiotherapists and nutritional advice too.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my time here and am so happy I get to continue playing basketball whilst also getting my Master’s degree.


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I Couldn't Be Happier with My Decision to Study in the UK

loughborough student

As an American student wanting to study in Europe, but not knowing where to begin, Across the Pond was such a great help. They were able to advise me on every step of the process, from applying to different universities, to writing my CV, obtaining scholarships, and getting through the daunting challenge of applying for a student visa. Across the Pond provided all the answers I was looking for and offered advice on information I couldn't have predicted I would need. I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without their support. My advisors were responsive to every concern I had and made the transition to another country worry-free.  

The best thing about having Across the Pond on your side is that they genuinely care about your experience, and stay by your side even after you've been accepted to the university of your dreams, and moved into your new home. The support I received when I arrived, not knowing anybody in this country, really helped me settle into life here. I have the security of knowing that I'm not alone, and that someone is looking out for me.

They were there to ask how my classes were going, if I was comfortable with my living accommodations and were interested to hear about my personal experience on campus, in the classroom, and in the country in general.  I am currently halfway through a master's degree program at Loughborough University.

I chose Loughborough because it was one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. I couldn't be happier with my decision to further my education here. Loughborough has a small, hometown feel, which is relaxing and quaint. When I need a break from my coursework, it's nice to be able to take a stroll through the park or take a short walk into town to shop the outdoor markets or stop in a local pub to socialize. The University also has a multitude of social clubs to get involved with.  

To anyone considering studying abroad, I urge you to go for it! And when you decide you're ready to take that next big step toward your education aspirations, please do yourself a favor and talk to the people at Across the Pond. They can be your greatest asset to achieve the future you see for yourself.


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