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In this webinar you'll get to hear from international students at the University of Worcester! This is a great opportunity to get inspired to pursue your study abroad dreams and learn about what it's really like to live and study in the UK! Combining quality teaching with a vibrant student life, Worcester provides a fantastic student journey. In this session you'll learn all about the campuses, the city, accommodation and much more.

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I Want to See So Much More of the World

University of Worcester

I always knew I wanted to go to England but living and being a student at the University of Worcester has gone above my expectations. Every day I learn something new about life and myself. Worcester is perfect, it has just the right amount of character to make you feel at home and the campus is just the right size that you can become comfortable with your surroundings easily.

I love being an international student here because the lecturers really put the time in to help you understand the subject you are studying. I enjoy the seminars the most and I find it easy to speak up and answer questions, this in turn allows me to become more involved and learn in a way I haven’t experienced before as we don’t have seminars back home.

As an international student, you really feel fully supported by the university as they always put you first and make sure you are getting all the information you need. My favorite place to study is the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre because it has a quiet study area which is a great place to get your assignments done. I really enjoy using their Sports Hall Gym too; it’s a great place to work out.

I have found it so much easier than I thought to meet new people and make friends here. The accommodation is amazing too and a good way to make friends. You feel you can have your own space or you join in with what everyone else is doing.

I have really enjoyed my time in the UK, the people I have met have been so friendly and approachable and the history is unbelievable. It is a place full of information and things to see. It has made me realize I want to see so much more of the world and explore the unknown.

Studying abroad has given my mind and imagination so much more room to grow and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


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An Unbelievable Experience

University of Worcester student

Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to travel to England so I thought I would take the opportunity to study here. I chose Worcester because I wanted the traditional English vibe of the city.

Being an international student here is an unbelievable experience. The university provided an international week allowing you to get to know other students, settle in and explore the city. I have even joined one of their societies, the Christian Union. It is a good opportunity to meet lots of new people.

Living here has also made me very independent, having to buy groceries, do my own laundry, and work out my financial budget. The accommodation is very spacious, modern, safe and gave me just a 5-minute walk to class.

I really enjoy the modules I am studying on my exchange. Every module is very hands-on and will help me towards the next step in my career. The class sizes are small which means you get to know your fellow students but also your tutors know you by name and sincerely care about how you are doing. Studying these modules has given me the chance to gain some great connections with people that work in the industry who are happy for me to contact them even when I return home if I have any questions.

There are great facilities too, as I was part of the journalism and creative digital media courses I was allowed access to their radio studio, television studio, and Apple Mac suite.

I have enjoyed Worcester so much and would advise anyone to take the opportunity to study here if they have the chance.


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I Love the Diversity in the Classroom

University of Worcester student

What country and city/town are you from?

I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

How does it feel being an international student at the University of Worcester?

For me, I love it. It is a good conversation starter. People are always interested in knowing where you are from and why you decided to come to Worcester to study. I feel that although I am international, I am very accepted here and I feel like a regular student and not an "outsider" or a "foreigner"

What made you choose to study at the University of Worcester?

For my undergraduate degree, I studied International Business and was required to study a semester abroad. I had looked at all the schools that had an exchange option with my home university, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I looked at schools based on their sizes, location, class offerings, and experiences from previous friends/classmates who have studied abroad. After all my research, I decided on Worcester because it met all my needs for a university.

Why did you decide to come back to Worcester for your postgraduate degree after finishing your exchange?

Having studied International Business for my undergraduate degree, I always knew that I wanted to continue my education and earn my master's degree. I decided that since my degree studied "international" business I should probably go abroad to get a further understanding of the world around me. Having to decide where to decide was an easy answer. To me, Worcester was home. I made so many friends, I loved the city, and I enjoyed how the lecturers set up their classes. I also felt that during my exchange, six months was simply not enough time and that I must return to Worcester.

Use one word or sentence to describe studying and living in Worcester.

There is a certain feeling of relief and happiness when you return to your home or to your family, and for me, when I'm in Worcester, I get that feeling, that feeling of being home.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I love the diversity that is in the classroom. My peers come from all over the world and each person provides a unique perspective on certain issues and topics, something that I never got/experienced in America.

What is the difference between studying at Worcester versus your home country?

I would say definitely the diversity. In America, I would be in class with mostly Americans and maybe one or two students from elsewhere. I feel like those students are then more reserved and tend not to share as much about their culture or their experiences. My classes in America were also test-based. I felt like some of my professors would then teach students information to pass the exam rather than understand the material. Here at Worcester, diversity is everywhere and everyone is happy to speak about their cultures and experiences, which really adds to one's education. As for classes, the lecturers are always there to help you. They help you to understand and to apply the theories that you learn about in class.

What do you like most about Worcester as a city?

It might not be a large city, but it has everything that you need in a city. There are cute mom-and-pop shops as well as major retailers. There is a great variety of food choices. It is also a very beautiful city. I love walking from St. John's campus to the city because there is so much to look at.

Have you found it easy to make friends?

Oh yes! To be honest, I think the friendships I have made here are more sincere than any other friendship I have ever made. I have definitely made some lifelong friends here.

What advice would you give to prospective students about studying at the University of Worcester and Worcester City?

I would say if you are considering studying at a school in the US and a school here in the UK, Worcester in particular, I would 100% suggest studying at Worcester. I am only 23 years old and I know that not many 20-somethings can say that they lived and studied abroad for the amount of time that I have. I think that it will make you look like a unique candidate for future jobs to which you might apply. The experiences you gain here and the people you meet will definitely be worth it.

Have you joined any sports or societies and if so, how have you found them?

I have joined Pole Fitness Society and I have absolutely loved it. It was a great way to stay active as well as meet other students.

What support do you feel you get from the university?

I feel that my lecturers are very supportive and are always there to listen when I have a problem or a question about an assignment. While studying here, I had a friend from home pass away, and it was difficult because you are thousands of miles from home. When all you want is your family or "home" friends, but they are not there. I was fortunate enough because I have made such a great group of friends here that helped to comfort and support me in my time of need.

What would you like to achieve from your time here at the university?

Coming here, I wanted to gain a more international thought process, to stride away from how the typical American views things, and I really think I have been able to achieve that so far.

What opportunity has studying here given you?

It definitely has given me the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many people. It has also given me the opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone and it has challenged me to think differently.

Please tell us about your internship.

I just started my internship with the Worcestershire Association of Carers. I have only worked one day, so can't say too much about it yet.

How do you find the social life?

If you want to be social the University definitely gives you plenty of opportunities to do so. There are so many sports and societies that someone can join that will meet your interest, and if there are not, then you're able to start your own! Honestly, it is so easy to meet people and be social, but you have to make the effort to do so!

Have you used any of the University facilities and if so which are the best that can help you with your studying and life at Worcester?

I have used Pierson a few times to study and meet up with group members for presentations.

How have you found the accommodation?

During my exchange, I lived in Berrow Halls. I absolutely love Berrow. The halls were set up in a perfect way to interact with fellow students and become friends with people. It was at a good location and the room sizes were perfect. For my master's, I have lived in Avon Hall and sadly, my experience was not the same. The halls are set up in a very anti-social manner.


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Far More Enjoyable than I Imagined

University of Worcester

I was attracted to the UK’s three-year program that would allow me to focus on the subject I was most passionate about. Additionally, I was looking for a Biology curriculum that took an evolutionary approach. I ultimately chose the University of Worcester for its intimate class settings and devoted professors. Moreover, it is located in an area with high biodiversity and very interesting geology, which the professors take advantage of when planning field trips.  

How has your Worcester experience been, has it met your expectations or been different from what you were expecting?

My experience at Worcester both personally and academically was far more enjoyable than I imagined it would be. Each year was more enjoyable than the previous one as I got to know my professors and got a deeper understanding of Biology.

What aspects of life at the University of Worcester have made a big impression on you?

Life at the University of Worcester has taught me the balance between work and play.

What are your plans for the future, once you graduate, and how do you think your time at Worcester will help you?

Once I graduate, I will begin my PhD in scientific research at University College Cork in Ireland. Along with the feedback I received, the lab experience, scientific writing, and communication skills I gathered at Worcester will help me be a successful Ph.D. candidate.

Any other points of interest or things you would like to add?

Pursuing my undergraduate degree internationally allowed me to take advantage of opportunities that I would not have back home, enabling me to realize my fullest potential. The summer after my first year I partook in an internship with an internationally renowned scientist, which culminated in my first scientific publication. Once I was taken out of my comfort zone, I was amazed and invigorated at how much I could push myself even further. I would encourage every international student to ask for opportunities that they previously never would have dreamed of pursuing. 


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