Far More Enjoyable than I Imagined

University of Worcester

I was attracted to the UK’s three-year program that would allow me to focus on the subject I was most passionate about. Additionally, I was looking for a Biology curriculum that took an evolutionary approach. I ultimately chose the University of Worcester for its intimate class settings and devoted professors. Moreover, it is located in an area with high biodiversity and very interesting geology, which the professors take advantage of when planning field trips.  

How has your Worcester experience been, has it met your expectations or been different from what you were expecting?

My experience at Worcester both personally and academically was far more enjoyable than I imagined it would be. Each year was more enjoyable than the previous one as I got to know my professors and got a deeper understanding of Biology.

What aspects of life at the University of Worcester have made a big impression on you?

Life at the University of Worcester has taught me the balance between work and play.

What are your plans for the future, once you graduate, and how do you think your time at Worcester will help you?

Once I graduate, I will begin my PhD in scientific research at University College Cork in Ireland. Along with the feedback I received, the lab experience, scientific writing, and communication skills I gathered at Worcester will help me be a successful Ph.D. candidate.

Any other points of interest or things you would like to add?

Pursuing my undergraduate degree internationally allowed me to take advantage of opportunities that I would not have back home, enabling me to realize my fullest potential. The summer after my first year I partook in an internship with an internationally renowned scientist, which culminated in my first scientific publication. Once I was taken out of my comfort zone, I was amazed and invigorated at how much I could push myself even further. I would encourage every international student to ask for opportunities that they previously never would have dreamed of pursuing. 


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