Loughborough Is Really Diverse

Loughborough building

Leaving home and traveling across the Atlantic to come and study in the UK, I wanted to make sure I was choosing the best place possible to study. I spent four months researching the rankings of the course and university as well as the location in terms of traveling within Europe. My first impression of the Loughborough campus upon arrival was that it was very pretty and reminded me of home, coming from a small town in Michigan.

The professors here at Loughborough are incredibly passionate about their subject areas and this helps motivate the students in class particularly when the professors are referencing their own research. Our very first lecture was by Professor Clyde Williams, he has a building named after him on campus – so is a pretty big deal in Sports Science!

The other aspect of my course I really enjoy is the fact that we are taught by different professors specializing in their subject area, rather than one professor covering lots of subjects. I am also very impressed by the safety of the campus, with 24-hour security, and is located near a small town I feel very safe walking around at night. Plus, the facilities on the campus mean everything is accessible; a medical center, pharmacy, dentist, opticians, and hairdressers, all on-campus – alongside shops and restaurants. I can also get my grocery shopping delivered to my accommodation which is great! 

When I first moved into my hall of residence, I was pleased to see that Loughborough University is really diverse – all of my seven roommates come from different countries and are studying different degrees, this has really helped me to make friends outside of my course.


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