I Couldn't Be Happier with My Decision to Study in the UK

loughborough student

As an American student wanting to study in Europe, but not knowing where to begin, Across the Pond was such a great help. They were able to advise me on every step of the process, from applying to different universities, to writing my CV, obtaining scholarships, and getting through the daunting challenge of applying for a student visa. Across the Pond provided all the answers I was looking for and offered advice on information I couldn't have predicted I would need. I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without their support. My advisors were responsive to every concern I had and made the transition to another country worry-free.  

The best thing about having Across the Pond on your side is that they genuinely care about your experience, and stay by your side even after you've been accepted to the university of your dreams, and moved into your new home. The support I received when I arrived, not knowing anybody in this country, really helped me settle into life here. I have the security of knowing that I'm not alone, and that someone is looking out for me.

They were there to ask how my classes were going, if I was comfortable with my living accommodations and were interested to hear about my personal experience on campus, in the classroom, and in the country in general.  I am currently halfway through a master's degree program at Loughborough University.

I chose Loughborough because it was one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. I couldn't be happier with my decision to further my education here. Loughborough has a small, hometown feel, which is relaxing and quaint. When I need a break from my coursework, it's nice to be able to take a stroll through the park or take a short walk into town to shop the outdoor markets or stop in a local pub to socialize. The University also has a multitude of social clubs to get involved with.  

To anyone considering studying abroad, I urge you to go for it! And when you decide you're ready to take that next big step toward your education aspirations, please do yourself a favor and talk to the people at Across the Pond. They can be your greatest asset to achieve the future you see for yourself.


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