A Wonderful Experience

Newcastle student

Studying in the UK has been a wonderful experience. I chose Newcastle University in Newcastle, England, as my uni of choice. This has turned out to be an excellent decision as The Toon (Newcastle) is a beautiful city. Everything is compact and within quick walking distance. The Geordies are also a friendly sort.

Upon first arrival in Newcastle, I was greeted by the university's international welcome student staff and was taken by coach directly to Leazes Terrace, my accommodation. The staff at Leazes Terrace was quick and efficient and I was given a tour of the building and shown my room. It was overall an easy experience.

Newcastle University is a vibrant place full of awesome architecture, good places to eat, and has loads of student organizations to become involved with. The financial team has been very helpful and fully answered any inquiries I made. The students I have met through my course have all been friendly and, in total, come from 10 different countries (which makes for some interesting conversations!)

In short, without the help of Across the Pond, the selection, application, and preparation processes for UK study would not have gone nearly as smoothly as it did by using Across The Pond. They answered all of my questions fully, provided relevant materials and checklists, and even proofread some of my stuff with suggestions! Don't be a propa doylem, man! Ya can't be too nebby! I highly recommend any prospective student looking to study in the UK to contact Across The Pond.


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