An Experience Unlike Any Other


I chose to study at Aberystwyth specifically because it is the origin of the field of International Relations and maintains this reputation as the leading department of its kind. The department truly has some of the best scholars in their field, and it is an amazing experience working with them.  I have had the opportunity to learn from and talk to academics I have admired for some time. Not only do we have the ability to learn within the classroom setting, but we are exposed to a wide variety of conferences and conventions that allow us to showcase our own work.

Aberystwyth as a university is very welcoming and easy to navigate. There are various programs and services available to fulfill the needs of its students, including fitness facilities, cafes, libraries, and study spaces.

Aberystwyth is a quaint and picturesque town. It is small and safe, and you always meet someone you know around town. The surrounding landscape is beautiful and allows for amazing leisure activities on days off. I would absolutely recommend studying at Aberystwyth to anyone as I have had an amazing year thus far. I have met amazing friends from all over the world and have gained an experience unlike any other.  Aberystwyth has far exceeded my expectations and it will be a sad day when I have to leave.

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