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Loughborough student

Why Loughborough University London?

Legacy was a huge reason for my venture across the pond. My older brother completed his undergraduate degree at Loughborough University and never had a boring story to tell. He always spoke about his life as if he was a king in a palace. With me being an athlete myself, the legacy of sports that come with the Loughborough name was also a major attraction. Thirdly, my idea of starting a business landed me here. I was accepted to one of the best universities Europe has to offer to pursue and learn about a career in entrepreneurship.

What have you most enjoyed about your program so far? 

I’ve most enjoyed my entrepreneurship course and the people I’ve built friendships with here. The professors are very interested in the topics of study, and they are willing to lend a helping hand at any point. It’s as if they want to make this a family experience, alongside the great educational opportunity.

 What attracted you to the program?

The chance to work on and develop my business plan, business idea, and myself as a leader is what attracted me most to Entrepreneurship, Finance, & Innovation. I saw an opportunity here to grow and make connections I would not otherwise have gotten if I had stayed back in America.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself on a beach, off the coast of Ibiza, sipping on an ice-cold Green Granizada and staring at my four million dollar yacht while scrolling down my ARK profile page.

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study at Loughborough University London?

I’d advise prospective students to come here with an open mind and open heart. There are so many experiences to be had at the university and in London. Do not be scared to venture out and do new things. Do the uncomfortable and see what great things can happen for you.

How would you describe "Enterprise through the Curriculum"?

"Enterprise through the Curriculum" is designed to improve the employability of students at Loughborough University. It is a group of assessments that test your abilities and skills as they pertain to thought processes and developing ideas for the delivery of a business solution. The hope is to pinpoint individual qualities (which range from 'needs improvement' to 'excellent') that can be improved and eventually implemented in a working environment.

Give 3 reasons how "Enterprise through the Curriculum" will benefit your future career. 

  • It improves my leadership capabilities
  • I work better in a team and have improved my listening skills
  • It develops public speaking/pitch/presentation skills


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