City University Provides Many Opportunities

London Student

Why did you choose City, University of London?

I chose City for several reasons.  First and foremost because it is located in central London. I had been dreaming about returning to London ever since I studied abroad here during my undergraduate degree. City also contains the Centre for Food Policy, which perfectly aligned with my interests and the trajectory I wanted for my future career. After seeing that the professors were leaders in their field, often speaking at conferences, to media and policymakers, I realized that my academic learning would be complemented with access to this growing network of people interested in making change in the food system. The cost of tuition was also significantly less than in the US, and the support City gives to international students made it seem like a perfect fit for me.

What is your favorite aspect of your course?

My favorite aspect of this course is the interdisciplinary nature of the modules and the projects that teach real-world skills. I also appreciate that the assignments consider tasks we will be asked to do as future policy makers or researchers. I have learned to conduct an academic literature review, put together a governmental memo, analyze the value chain of a food item and recognize its place within the political economy, and of course, conduct a policy analysis.

What’s been the highlight of your time at City so far?

The highlight of my time at City has been the connections I’ve made with fellow classmates, students, academics, and the community. City provides many opportunities to learn more about your chosen field or branch out and discover something new. 

How is City helping you prepare for your chosen career path?

City offers a wealth of resources to help me develop my career readiness. The Careers Service initially helped me with translating my resumé into a CV that would be taken seriously by UK-based employers and directed me to a number of resources for finding a part-time job during my studies. They’ve graciously helped me look into the food and policy spheres to find the best places where I might find a full-time job after graduation, and they’ve kept me connected with a number of events centered on graduate schemes and internships. Most importantly, the International Student Advice Team was immensely helpful in helping me navigate the student visa application process.

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