The Best Experience of My Life

Roehampton University student

Choosing to study abroad and complete my master's degree in a different country was the most nerve-racking, but most exciting decision of my life. One that I will never forget!

Studying at Roehampton University, London, has been the best experience and has opened my eyes to a new world. Upon arriving at the university there was a welcome orientation and getting settled in was very easy and accommodating. The staff was there throughout the process to answer any questions or concerns. The campus was more beautiful than I had imagined, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who really prefers a campus university.

Also, if you are a postgraduate student, the postgraduate dorms are located a bit off of Main Campus, therefore it is less busy and more peaceful. The cost of living is a bit more than I had anticipated, although getting used to the currency exchange takes no time at all. I found that I adjusted to the currency exchange comparison fairly easily.

The best part about studying in a different country was the opportunity to travel and see the world. The fact that I was able to finish my master's degree in International Business as well as take trips and weekend getaways all over Europe is what has made choosing to study at the University of Roehampton, London, the best experience of my entire life.


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