Hard to Say Goodbye

Durham castle

When deciding to pursue a master's degree in the UK I was really excited for my year-long adventure, but very stressed about the path it would take to get there. Browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon Across the Pond and their services are definitely what helped me get to where I'm at now. The advisors that assisted me with my applications were very helpful with all the questions I had, and I could tell they were really interested in finding the university that best suited my wants and needs.

Through lots of research and a few YouTube videos, I decided that Durham University was the best fit for me and what I wanted out of a postgraduate university. Coming from the southern US, I was not used to the history and beautiful architecture that we have in Durham, so being exposed to the Durham Castle and Cathedral on a weekly basis has made me fall in love with the town.

My college is University (Castle) College, and it blows my mind to know that I can study and hang out with my friends in a thousand-year-old castle! My time in the UK has taught me how to use public transport, that sometimes a pint at 11 am is acceptable, that recycling is important, and that international friendships are the best. My journey at Durham is coming to an end which is making me reflect on all the things I need to cherish in the time I have left, but how good it is to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard.


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