A Broad Range of Partner Universities

Oxford Brookes University

Studying in England is a fantastic opportunity. The education here is top-notch, and the region has such a rich history. With the continent, just a cheap plane ride away, all the dream vacation spots are accessible for so cheap that a weekend getaway isn't out of the budget even for the money-conscious students.

The advisors at Study Across the Pond were absolutely invaluable! They patiently took the time to answer all of my specific questions about anything that had to do with applying and moving to the UK. They guided me through what is a very complicated process step by step so that I was never overwhelmed by the things I had to get done to make it happen.

Their depth and breadth of knowledge about the UK, university applications, and VISAs make their services worth far more than I can express. They sent out timely guides on the topics that I needed to address before I needed to address them such that I never was in danger of missing a deadline or skipping something important.

They offer such a broad range of partner universities that I never once felt as though I had to limit my options as I worked with them. When I had selected my major, the advisors told me exactly which of their university partners offered it so that I could focus my research. Then they made the application process unbelievably easy. I filled out one form and sent all of the information to my advisor, and they took care of the rest!

Thank you, Study Across the Pond! I am studying in England now. Without your help, I never would have made this dream of mine a reality!


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