A Smooth and Enlightening Experience

Middlesex student

I found Across the Pond while doing research for UK programs. At first, I did not believe the website due to being skeptical that a program existed in which there would be advisors who help students to apply to universities all across Britain. My experience in working with Across the Pond has been a smooth and enlightening experience of what another country has to offer.

It has also been wonderful getting to work with my advisor and knowing that I can count on her to answer every question and doubt I may have. She has made it an easy change by letting me know that I am not alone in this transition. I really liked the personal feeling I got instantly when my advisor reached out to me and made sure to give me all the help I needed.

I would summarize this experience on a whole as amazing, helpful and the greatest decision I have ever made. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone who is looking to study abroad in Britain. This program is everything I hoped it to be and more. Anyone who joins this program will be grateful. I cannot wait to finally be in the UK and fulfill my goal of completing my master's through the help of my advisor at Across the Pond!


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