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I played basketball at college and heard through friends that the eligibility rules were different in the UK, so I could continue playing basketball whilst studying for my Master's. We happened to have a coach come over from Loughborough to deliver some clinics and he explained the setup of competitive and college basketball in the UK, as well as the fantastic reputation of Loughborough University in sports.


Having never studied abroad due to my basketball commitments I was keen to travel and to be able to continue playing basketball whilst getting my master's in one year was the perfect opportunity. I made contact with the Loughborough coach that had come to visit our college and I applied for and received an elite athlete scholarship for Women’s Basketball at Loughborough. I looked at a couple of other options in the UK, but none could match the scholarship or support I was being offered at Loughborough and I wanted to keep studying rather than find a job in the real world!


Coming from a small college, I found the huge campus a little overwhelming at first, but I really like the town and the Students' Union – it's a great meeting place. The professors here are easy-going and approachable, though I did find the teaching style different, especially with some of my modules being wholly exam-based, so I make sure when I’m not playing basketball that I’m studying and organizing my time effectively. I don’t have time for a job at the moment as we train every day and then have matched a couple of times a week. As well as playing in the BUCS (inter-university league), I also play for a National Basketball League Division 1 side, so I’m really enjoying meeting new people outside of university too. The other great perks to the basketball scholarship (as well as reducing the cost of my tuition) is the dedicated hours at the elite athlete gym on campus and the access to physiotherapists and nutritional advice too.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my time here and am so happy I get to continue playing basketball whilst also getting my Master’s degree.


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