Personalized Help

University of York

Across the Pond made the application process easy. Its centralization made applying to multiple universities unstressful and non-redundant. When I applied to other universities on my own, I felt like I was typing in the same information over and over again, which doubled the workload and anxiety about applying. Across the Pond also offers a nice range of universities to apply to; some of the highest-ranking to some of the lower ones (everyone needs a safety net sometimes).

Above all, the best thing about Across the Pond is the personalized help you get from your adviser. I cannot remember how many times my advisor read over personal statement essays and edited them with me. She always followed up and sent me reminder emails when life would slow me down and I'd lose focus on applying. I believe it is this attribute that makes Across the Pond amazing. There is help every step of the way, and you never feel like you are doing this on your own.


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