Tuition Fees and Living Costs Are Affordable

Newcastle University

Coming to the UK for university was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Although going to another country as an undergraduate seems like a huge challenge, it didn't seem that way at all for me. Settling into Newcastle, I received a warm Geordie welcome, plus a lot of useful information for international students - for example, how to set up a bank account, register for a GP, and more.

The city itself is quite nice. There is plenty to do, and most everything is within walking distance. From the wild and exciting nights at the many bars and clubs to peaceful walks on the Quayside, you can never get bored in Newcastle. Whether you're into the party scene or not, there's something for everyone. There's a wide range of shops and restaurants to browse through as well. But if you have to get out of Newcastle, there are so many places around the UK that are lovely to visit. I had the opportunity to visit Durham and York, which are both distinctive yet beautiful cities. Studying in the UK is also a wonderful opportunity to travel Europe, especially with the nice long holidays we have from uni. In fact, I've got trips to London and Amsterdam already planned for the Easter holidays.

On the academic side, I am currently a first-year BSc Biomedical Sciences student, and I love the course. Newcastle University is one of the best universities in the UK since it is a Russell Group university. The lecturers are great at what they do and are easily approachable if you need help. They make the content so interesting that it doesn't feel like a chore to revise for exams. Additionally, the university's student services offer plenty of assistance in any aspect of student life you'll ever need help in. The university staff ensures that students have a very pleasant uni experience.

All in all, I chose Newcastle because it's a wonderful and vibrant city and because the university is reputable and has quality teaching and research. Newcastle was also a good choice because of the friendly and safe atmosphere. Being here in Newcastle is such an exciting experience, and I'm so glad to call the Toon my home.

Here in the UK, the tuition fees and living costs are reasonable as well and are surprisingly much cheaper than most out-of-state U.S. university fees. I also currently live in university accommodation, and it's not bad at all. There are no roommates in UK accommodation, which is a plus. That way, you get your privacy but also have loads of opportunities to make friends within the residence halls. I've made so many wonderful friends in my short time here, and continue to make more as I meet new people all the time.

Of course, I couldn't have made it this far without Across the Pond, who helped me throughout my journey to get here. My advisor aided me in my research to figure out which universities to apply to, explaining which universities were the best for my chosen degree program. She then helped me in applying through UCAS once I'd chosen my five universities. After hearing back from the universities and ultimately deciding on Newcastle, I received plenty of help and information on the visa application process from Across the Pond (even more than the UK government websites!). The service I received was exceptional, as I got prompt, informative, and detailed replies to all my queries. It would be in any prospective UK uni student's interest to go through Across the Pond, because they'll make the process a whole lot easier and less stressful.


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