An Eye-Opening, Exciting Experience

Newcastle University

Across the Pond sounds almost too good to be true, but they are really just that good! My husband and I both got help from the Across the Pond team to study abroad in Newcastle, and I admit that we couldn't have done it without them.

We received personal assistance for each step of the application process, including the university application and for the visas. This included an entire webinar series about topics like how to fill in the (complicated!) visa application, what to expect during the application process, and information about the move. They responded to my almost daily emails with questions about studying in the UK and provide up-to-date information regarding visas. The Across the Pond advisors were also there to offer support, and motivation, and to celebrate with me when things fell into place.

Studying across the pond has been an eye-opening, exciting experience, and the UK was a great choice. Knowing the language made the cultural transition easier, and there is so much to learn from living in England. The university experience is different enough from universities in the U.S. so that it can be challenging, but also familiar enough so you can still be successful and enjoy yourself. If you are thinking about studying in England, DO IT with help from Across the Pond!


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