Exactly What I was Looking For

Roehampton University student

Why did you choose Roehampton?

Roehampton's Creative Writing course in the heart of London was exactly what I was looking for. As a university that is not too big, it was easier to make the transition. 

What made you accept Roehampton?

I accepted Roehampton as the international recruitment staff were very helpful and extremely encouraging.  

Where do you live? 

I live at one of Roehampton's off campuses accommodations, Spring Mews in Vauxhall. 

Are you glad you are at Roehampton? 

I am very happy at Roehampton. The staff are highly knowledgeable and their resources are plentiful. 

What is your favourite aspect of Roehampton?

The fact that there is an actively encouraged career office, mental health support, sports program, and massive library. Though I probably won't be able to scratch the surface during my time at Roehampton, it is reassuring to have. 

Tell me about your course? 

I am in the Creative Writing program which means that my course is about professionally applying to be creative. Creativity is a skill like any other that must be cultivated and used in a professional, disciplined way. 

What is a typical week like?

My typical week is a mixture of lectures and seminars followed by going to the large library to study. 

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