Better Than Some Vacations

Craig Lockhart Campus

I would have found it impossible to have found my graduate program without Across The Pond. I was given a full, detailed list organized by course, geographic location, and even reputation. It was so organized, and I had someone to answer every single question along the way. I am in awe that I was not sent a bill! It's one of the best services I have ever used. The admission process, acceptance, decision, scholarship, and visa process were all explained to me in the clearest way possible. I would have been absolutely lost without their guidance and support.

Edinburgh is the most magnificent city. It truly is a fairy tale. I mean, how often do you live in a beautiful city that centers around a castle? The city and universities are filled with students from every corner of Europe and the globe. You'll find your weekend dodging raindrops on walking tours and exploring the nightlife, as well as spending quality time with your mates over pints in the coziest of pubs. Despite the rain, I never even bought a bus pass because I enjoyed walking into charming areas to explore the Scottish capital.

My master's degree has been better than some vacations. On weekends, I have gone to underground clubs in London, weekends in Paris filled with museums and crepes, skiing the Swiss Alps on empty off weeks, and blending in with the rich in Monte Carlo and Cannes. Plus, with everyone in my program, I now have places to stay all over Europe. The fun has just begun!


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