Kicking off My Mid-20s by Doing Something Bold

University of Surrey student

When considering doing graduate study, I knew there were a few options on the table. I could stay in the United States and pursue a 2-year master's degree or I could move abroad and complete my master's in one year. Plus, I’d have the unforgettable opportunity to move to a different country at least once in my lifetime! The answer was simple for me.

As someone who had always wanted to travel, but had never gotten the opportunity, I knew I wanted to kick off my mid-twenties by doing something bold.

One of the best aspects of the University of Surrey has been the faculty. They really are the best in their individual fields, and I have been so impressed with how readily they involve students in their research and connect them with professional contacts. It is so rare in the United States for esteemed professors to be so approachable and friendly, but truly every person that I have met in England has genuinely taken an interest in their students and has done whatever they could to bolster their success. I have always felt as though the faculty members were available to me for questions about the course, the assignments, and general knowledge about the field and the opportunities available for master's degree students.

All in all, studying at the University of Surrey was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their high-caliber program and world-class faculty have made all of the difference in my experience with postgraduate study.


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