Falmouth Is My Home from Home

Falmouth student

Why Falmouth?

While on my hunt in finding the most suitable foundation course for me, I carried a mental checklist of must-haves for the university I would end up attending. The student work had to be really good, as it’s a reflection of not only the students but of the teachers educating them. The location had to be nowhere close to home! My wanderlust forbade that so my search led me to solely attend schools overseas. Most importantly, I had to be able to imagine myself taking away the experience I desired in my first year, academically, socially, environmentally, and Falmouth was it.

The most difficult thing about being an International Student?

I would probably have to say the currency exchange! I’m used to it now, but it is a bit annoying every now and then. Also, not being able to just hop on a train home for the weekend like some of my friends who actually live in this country. It's not as if I can just take a day's worth of travel to go back home for less than three days anytime I wanted!

How have you found the course?

It’s VERY challenging. At first, like any other student, you are like, "I can handle whatever they throw at me?" But once procrastination kicks in and your first assessment is right around the corner, you realize how much work and time you have left before then! For me, though, I like a good challenge.

The Academic School

I absolutely love the library! The resources are very useful. I’m not entirely into books, but I’ve gotten into the habit of going to the library and not leaving without one or several!  Also, the lectures are informative when it comes to the many layers of art history and how it has influenced modern and past artists.

Involved with any clubs and societies?

When it comes to clubs and societies, I’m very indecisive because there are so many interesting ones that I want to join, but it’s difficult to pick.

What social activities do you enjoy?

I’ve been exploring the many nooks and crannies of Falmouth and other nearby areas with my friends. That's not enough for me though.  I plan on hopping on the train soon to see as much as I can before the year is over. At the same time, I have to balance out my work schedule so I can go as I please.

What's the best thing about living in Falmouth?

It would definitely have to be the fact that I live right by the ocean and just the array of people you find here.

What will you miss most about Falmouth when you leave?

I will definitely miss the people I’ve met, from seeing them every day to not at all will be very unusual for me because I’m already so adjusted to life here. The scene as a whole I will miss dearly because I’m in a mindset at the moment where I feel that Falmouth is my home from home.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

Very supportive, especially as an international student coming into a new country and trying my best to adjust to the culture. Any problems or concerns I’ve had have been resolved and figured out with help from the international office, tutors and the list goes on!

What advice would you give to students planning on coming to Falmouth?

Make sure this is what you want! When you start your journey into higher education, you're investing so much time and money into it, so don’t let such an experience go to waste. Especially when it comes to actually being on the course, don’t procrastinate too much because it will come back to haunt you in the end if you don’t obtain the results you want.

The future?

At the moment, I’m doing massive research into what I want to do with my life for the next year or so.  There are so many things I’m interested in and would love to do, but I need to discover what really suits me and my passion. I do plan on continuing my travels either into other parts of Europe or just seeing more of England as a whole.


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