Very Hands On

University of York student

Across the Pond was an absolute godsend for my school and visa applications, and beyond really. My adviser was exceptionally polite and helpful. He responded to any and all questions I had, held my hand throughout the entire process, and assured me every step of the way that he was as involved in this process as I was.

When choosing my university, I was asked about what my study interests were, and then we narrowed down the choices based on the programs available. After this, my adviser liaised with my selected university to find out if, based on my academic standing, completing a full application was recommended. This was excellent as I'd been through the Postgraduate application process before only to be told (after spending a great deal of time and resources) that I did not meet the matriculation criteria.

My adviser was very hands-on throughout my entire process- filling out forms, sending me frequent emails to advise me of what was being done, and proofreading my personal statements. It was excellent and reassuring! The visa application document was exceedingly helpful, as it gives you a comprehensive step-by-step process of what you should do. Also, my adviser was willing to chat with me via Zoom to clarify anything that I was unclear about.

Covid-19 has completely disrupted every facet of 'normal' life, so moving to the UK was more challenging than it would normally be. However, I managed to settle in well enough and the reception team at my accommodation is always very helpful. York is gorgeous! Lovely cobblestoned town, with lots of restaurants, shops, and sights that will enchant you.

I was on the fence about which aspect of psychology I wanted to pursue... clinical or educational. My program delves into both and gives you a better understanding of exactly what each avenue entails so that I could make the decision that is right for me. The program is also a year, which financially was the better option for me. In my spare time, I love reading and exploring! I've always been a fan of architecture, and that was yet another reason why I chose York.

Working with Across the Pond made this entire process 100% easier for me. I was always given quick and helpful responses day or night, weekdays or weekends. I was heard when I talked about what I wanted to study and what programs I felt would suit my needs. My adviser was gracious enough to put up with my anxiety-filled emails. It was truly a wonderful experience working with Across the Pond I have recommended them to a few of my friends, and I will definitely recommend them to anyone! Cheers!


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