Very Helpful

London student

Across the Pond was a great resource to have during my application process to Kingston University. I had started my search for a master's program and university several months prior to discovering Across the Pond, and I found it difficult to know which programs were reputable and worthwhile. My advisor was very helpful in answering the questions I had about the universities they have relationships with, and I am so far very happy with my final selection.

The great thing about Across the Pond is they provide support throughout the entire process, from application to visa. I cannot imagine having to apply for financial aid or a visa without help from my advisor. The UK functions differently than the US, and I found it helpful to have a contact here who answered my questions promptly and who was familiar with how we operate in the US. I felt good knowing I was receiving support from both the university and Across the Pond, and that made me confident that everything would go through successfully.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Across the Pond if you are at all interested in studying in the UK. The advisors are a valuable resource who understand both countries and all of the components necessary to go to school in the UK.


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