Profoundly Life-Changing

Roehampton University student

Why did you choose Roehampton specifically?

I was looking for a world-class university that was known for its strong Life Science programs. Roehampton fit the bill perfectly. Roehampton also had the distinct advantage of being located in London with unique colleges each specializing in their respective areas. Once I discovered Roehampton I took a leap of faith and applied without ever having visited the university or the UK. That choice profoundly changed my life for the better!

Why did you want to study in London/UK?

I have always been an Anglophile. Since I was a boy I loved British films, culture, sports, and the history of the UK.  When I was an undergraduate student I had the opportunity to study abroad in the UK and I let it pass me by. I deeply regretted that decision, therefore when I was considering pursuing my Master’s degree, I researched Master’s programs abroad and found Roehampton. Having never been to the UK, I felt London was the best choice to explore the UK. I knew London was a world-class city, hence I would find something that interested me even though I had never been to the city or knew anyone in the UK prior to my arrival!

What is your current occupation?

I have worked within the US healthcare industry for the last 9 years as a professional data analyst, clinical director, and in my current role as a Quality Improvement Analyst/Consultant. I specialize in assisting primary care providers with quality improvement analysis, data aggregation, and implementation of various government lead initiatives. 

Did you ever envision this career while studying at Roehampton? 

Never in a million years did I think I would be working on projects of this size, scope, and importance. 

Do you think your degree at Roehampton will help elevate your career? If so, how?

Without a doubt, my Roehampton degree opened many doors for me. Having my MSc from a British school has allowed me to stand out from other professionals in my field. 

What was your most memorable moment at Roehampton? 

I met my future wife at Heathrow Airport on my first day in London. She was heading to Roehampton just like me! 

What was it like living and studying in London?

Profoundly life-changing. Amazing, exciting, and a real eye-opener. 


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