Could Not Be Happier

Middlesex student

I first discovered Across the Pond at a graduate fair at Brown University.  As I was not a graduate but only completing my senior year of high school, I was unaware of how much help they would be to me. As I talked to my advisor, I found out that it was completely possible for me to study in the UK as an undergraduate, and have been living my dream for almost a year now.

I currently study English Literature at Middlesex University in London and could not be happier. Although settling in did prove to be difficult, it was hard to adjust to a place that lacks many of the familiarities of home. However, I had chosen to stay in Halls for my first year and soon found comfort in my flatmates, who are some of my closest friends now. I find that most of my spare time is spent with them taking day trips to Bath or Brighton, or just wandering around the city (there is always something happening in London and for a decent price too!). There are still times when I find myself incredibly homesick, but I just remind myself that I am only here for a short amount of time and will be home sooner than I think.

The cost of living in London can be expensive, but if you know how to manage your money it becomes doable. If you fix yourself on a budget you can still find yourself going out on a weekly basis with your friends and still be able to afford to do your washing! Also, the cost of tuition and living over here proves to be cheaper than if I had decided to go to college back home. As for classes, in the beginning, I was surprised by the lack of work I received from my teachers but, quickly found out that most of the work I do is independent. The teachers are there to guide you in your development of independence and study. You soon find that you are assigning yourself more work than your teachers which proves effective when it comes to exam time. Other than that, classes are very similar to those back home, we do essays, we get homework, and we have exams. Overall, I have personally been really enjoying my uni life and finding more than enough time for work and travel.


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