An Unforgettable Experience

Solent student

Describe a typical day on your course.

It depends on the time of the year and the various deadlines we have to meet. We could spend our days in one of the nine studios, recording music and mixing it either in the MacLab or workstation, rehearsing, preparing, and writing songs with our respective bands in preparation for gigs. We also attend production, performance, music theory, and business classes. You are constantly learning from your coursemates and have spare time to just hang out or jam with them. Sometimes we would spend the whole day at uni, but it is fun and you are constantly doing something.


What has surprised you about the course?

The available technologies and facilities!!! You get everything you need for recording sessions, band rehearsals, production work, and not only for uni work and assignments but for your own projects as well.


What has been your Solent highlight so far?

I got an unbelievable chance to go to Abbey Road Studios, one of the best studios in the world. I spent the whole day in studio 2 recording backing vocals for a song composed by third-year students. It was an unforgettable experience.


How is Solent helping you prepare for a career?

We get multiple opportunities to perform at local venues and the chance to connect with people from other courses.


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