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Our university partners are very keen to help more American students study on their campus. They also know that costs and access to funding can be a common determining factor on whether an American student is able to fulfill their dream of studying in the UK. To help support American students, some of our partner universities have offered scholarships exclusively for Across the Pond students for the coming academic year. 


University of Chester

The University of Chester is offering an exclusive scholarship of £2,000 to two students applying with Across the Pond. The scholarship application is open to American students who have applied to a bachelor's or master's program starting in the 2023-2024 academic year. Only students who have been assessed by the university to be an international applicant (required to pay international tuition fees) are eligible. 

Application deadline: 1 May 2023



Across the Pond will contact scholarship winners as soon as possible after the application deadline. The university must approve the winning entry before the winner can be confirmed. To receive the scholarship, you must start at the university in the academic term outlined in the description above. The scholarship itself (discount of tuition fees) will be arranged by the university directly.

Your student advisor at Across the Pond will be happy to give you tips and advice on how to apply for the various scholarships and what else you can do to budget for your studies in the UK.


In order to be considered for an Across the Pond Partner Scholarship, you'll need to follow the below steps: 

1. Review any university-specific instructions, requirements, or deadlines outlined in the menu above.

2. Write a 300-500 word paragraph that touches on the following topics:

  • Your interest in and excitement for this university
  • An optimistic outlook on your future as a result of education at this university
  • Your financial need for this scholarship

3. Submit the form on this page.



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