University of Roehampton

After finishing my undergraduate degrees in sociology and politics, I felt lost, confused, and without a clue as to what to do afterwards. I decided to try out different career options like working as a study abroad advisor for my… Read more

University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

During my gap year, one of my friends from England recommended that I apply to schools in the UK. I decided that studying abroad would be a great opportunity to see more of the world while furthering my education. I researched many… Read more

Middlesex University London
Finding MDX as the school for me

My experience as a student within the UK University began when I was a student in the states. Back in 2020 I was a freshman at a small school in North Carolina, and by small, I mean there were 1,200 students… Read more

University of Roehampton
Why did I choose London?

I did not originally choose to study in London. I started at a university in America before deciding to transfer once I studied abroad for 3 months. I loved the diversity on campus, the freedom that came from living… Read more

University of Chester
Across the Pond Made It Easy to Find a Master’s Program

I found out about Across the Pond just doing online searches for master’s programs. I eventually wanted to enter a PhD program and knew a master’s degree would make my application more… Read more

University of Chester

Choose what challenges and inspires you.

I chose to study Infection and Immunity at the University of Chester because it combines my love of the progressive natures of infectious diseases, microbiology and their subsequent roles in our… Read more

University of Roehampton
Deciding to pick-up and move across the ocean

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to study abroad. At the age of 16 when I began my first job and received my first pay check, I put it in the bank immediately, saving for the day I had an… Read more

University of Roehampton


Why I chose to study abroad

My mom studied in London when she was my age and I grew up hearing stories of how magical and exciting it is. It has always been a dream of mine to explore and travel like she did, so once I had the… Read more

University of Roehampton

My experience at Roehampton not only help me grow as a student, but as a person. My professors at Roehampton taught us not only the required curriculum, but how to take that into the real world. I was able to meet my best friend and my soul mate… Read more

University of Roehampton

I have had a dream of living abroad for most of my life and three years ago, decided to take the plunge to apply to graduate school in a foreign country. During my time in the USA, I had lived in all different regions of the country, but… Read more

Kingston University London

After graduating with my Bachelor, I knew I wanted to continue my education. But the amount of time and money that most Master's degrees take in the US was not something I wanted. Master programs in Europe intrigued me much more, and mixed with… Read more

Goldsmiths, University of London
What it is like study in the UK

At UK universities, you are given more responsibility from day one. In a undergrad setting, a class will be broken into two sections, you will have a lecture lead by a more senior academic that will have roughly… Read more

Oxford Brookes University

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home” -James Michener.

Hi there! My name is Amelia and I’m writing to share my student experience after using Across the Pond to… Read more

Oxford Brookes University

Across the Pond was pivotal in my success in studying abroad. I applied directly through the university then worked with someone directly at Across the Pond to help prepare for my move. They provided a pamphlet with clear checklists and… Read more

Kingston University London
The Application Process

Applying to study in the UK was without a doubt the most stressful part of my experience as an international student. Not moving to another country and not earning the degree itself, but the application process. The… Read more

University of Roehampton

I found my entire time studying abroad to be life-changing. London, England is a whole new world in itself; with a much different culture, architecture, and atmosphere than my hometown of Austin, Texas. I choose to study at the University of… Read more

Loughborough University London


I studied abroad in my undergrad and have always loved Europe. I love how easy and cheap it is to travel. After the pandemic, I really just wanted to travel and move abroad. I decided to apply to universities all… Read more

University of Kent


   My name is Madalyn. I am an American that completed my Master’s Degree in English and American Literature at the University of Kent in England. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in English and American History at the… Read more

Oxford Brookes University

My name is Pilar, 2 years ago I was struggling at my current job and therefore decided to take a challenge and started to look for Masters degrees programs in the UK. I found out about Across the Pond from my neighbour who got accepted right away… Read more

University of Roehampton

I loved being so close to so many beautiful European countries. All I had to do to get to Paris, Rome, Athens, or anywhere else, was pay anywhere from 30-200 pounds (very cheap compared to cross-continental flights) and catch whatever bus, train… Read more

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