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London is one of the world’s foremost student cities with many universities and colleges and a lively international student body. With the 2012 Olympics, Royal Wedding and Queen’s jubilee, it is a city that has enjoyed great attention of late. As you get to know London better, you will discover a life that tourists seldom experience – and, as Samuel Johnson famously said, “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.”

London has a unique mix of historical character and modern development and is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Take advantage of the Capital’s vibrant cultural scene, with world-renowned theaters, galleries and museums to explore.  Discover the dynamic social character of London, from the ever-changing restaurants, vibrant bars and nightlife and the endless ways to spend your spare time. Visiting London’s famous landmarks, exploring the markets and green spaces of the city or learning more about the legacy of 2012’s Olympics. It’s all there to experience.

London is a city brimming with work placement and job opportunities, whatever sector you wish to work in. Our partner universities are well connected to the many professions and businesses in London and draw upon their unlimited expertise and connections in the city for the benefit of their students. London is not just a great city to visit; it is also a fascinating place for you to live, work and study.


Fun Facts

  • A London cabbie’s training lasts between 2-4 years and involves them memorizing every single street in London.
  • London has a collection of grand Victorian cemeteries called the “Magnificent Seven”. These cemeteries are scattered throughout the capital, and each has its own collection of stories.
  • It has been illegal for Members of Parliament (MPs) to Parliament in a suit of armour since 1313!
  • There are 125 different types of fish living in the River Thames.


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