Written by Dana, 08-26-2021

Writing your dissertation is a long, lengthy process. But - with the right tools and timing, even the largest task becomes small and manageable! During my year here at Oxford Brookes, I’ve taken several modules that helped me prepare and plan for… Read more

Written by Dana, 07-06-2021

High tea... it evokes so much history and so much fun! Oxford is famous for some of the oldest cafes in England, including the beautiful The Grand Cafe, The Queen’s Lane Coffe House, and the exquisite Ashmolean Museum! This week, I celebrated 6… Read more

Written by Dana, 06-22-2021

While you’re primarily in the UK to study, there are so many amazing opportunities to travel while abroad. Here are 7 tips for cheap and easy student travel!

1. Start Traveling Locally: Day Trips!

When beginning to venture beyond your… Read more

Written by Dana, 06-08-2021

Living in London means there are plenty of things to do any day during the week. I’ve been living in London for about ten months now. I rarely find myself without plans to explore more of my amazing city with friends. However, you can generally… Read more

Written by Dana, 04-27-2021

All around the world, people have developed the social tradition of coming together over a cup of coffee. Before moving to London, I spent several months working as a head barista in an independent craft coffee shop, and I fell in love not only… Read more

Written by Dana, 04-13-2021

There is a reputation that studying in the United Kingdom is more difficult compared to the United States. That may be the case, but due to my studying habits, I have not been faced with any issues that I could not handle. I have not always been… Read more

Written by Dana, 04-06-2021

London is roughly 600 square miles, with the furthest point from the center of London roughly 70 miles. Since London is so vast rely on the tube/train stations to get around unless you have a car! Even then, it’s sometimes easier to use public… Read more

Written by Dana, 03-16-2021

Going to the United Kingdom to do my master’s (in the midst of a global pandemic) has been one of the most stressful, scary, and rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve been able to make the most of my time here. Even under the constant lockdowns… Read more

Written by Dana, 03-03-2021

Lockdown has definitely affected the “normal” university life... but that should not stop students from actively going to study! Here’s a shortlist of cool places to check out on campus and around Oxford. These are absolutely perfect for studying… Read more

Written by Dana, 02-16-2021

Sticking to a budget can be hard, especially when you’re a student with limited income. However, it’s possible to have amazing adventures while staying within your spending goals! Here are some of our tips for budgeting your spending while abroad… Read more

Written by Dana, 02-02-2021

Why should you study at Loughborough? If you are interested in sports at the recreational level or competitive level, Loughborough is the place for you! Along with that, Loughborough is ranked number one in the world when it comes to sports… Read more

Written by Dana, 01-26-2021

England is a beautiful country that offers multiple walking paths. I have had the opportunity to visit some of these sites witnessing the spectacular views that these paths have to offer. Since most of my time in the UK has been spent in some… Read more

Written by Dana, 01-20-2021

There is rarely a bad time to visit London, but my favorite time to visit London is during Winter. From the beautiful Christmas lights on Oxford Street and high-end designer displays on Old Bond Street, to the mulled wine at the Christmas markets… Read more

Written by Dana, 12-22-2020

In this video, our Ambassador Sarah, tells us about how she is enjoying the holidays overseas this year. Even in these funky global pandemic times, Christmas is magical in the UK. Enjoy!… Read more
Written by Dana, 12-08-2020

I chose to go to uni in the United Kingdom because I was missing something from school in the US and needed more from my education. Maybe I needed a little adventure and new scenery, too! I have actually been to university in both the United… Read more

Written by Dana, 11-24-2020

This year (2020) has definitely been an interesting one. Everyone is experiencing a pandemic and everything seems to be a little crazy. However, there are a few things I've been busy with that helped me cope with being away from home. While not… Read more

Written by Dana, 11-10-2020

Like many, trying to study abroad can seem like a daunting task: There are mountains of paperwork, people to contact and it’s often difficult to get the information you need on your own. But, with the help of the fine folks at Across the Pond, I’… Read more

Written by Dana, 10-27-2020

Who doesn’t love spooky decorations, caramel apples, pumpkin patches, festivals, and candy corn? This time of year is about all things Halloween... Or is it?

Halloween for me has always been a big deal: We go to all the fall/Halloween… Read more

Written by Dana, 10-13-2020

Moving to the UK will be a massive transition and adjusting to a new home will take time. But there are things you can do to make the shift easier and more enjoyable. One of the best parts about the beginning of the university school year is… Read more

Written by Dana, 09-29-2020

In this video, Katie speaks about the final steps when getting ready to start her program in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about studying in the UK, please fill out the “Contact an Advisor” form on the bottom or side of this… Read more

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