Across the Pond


US Manager


University of Essex, UK

  • BA English (Ohio University)
  • MA Literature (University of Essex)

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What did you do before you started working for Across the Pond?

When I graduated from Ohio University, I became a sixth-grade teacher. I loved teaching, but after three years, I came to regret my decision not to study abroad during my undergraduate years. I began to look into opportunities to study in the UK for my master’s degree, not knowing anything about it. My search led me to Across the Pond’s service and before I knew it, with Across the Pond’s help and expertise, I was a graduate student in the UK. During my year in the UK, when I would tell people I had been a teacher back home, I would frequently hear that I should try to teach in the UK. After looking into this idea for a while, including asking my advisor at Across the Pond if she had any information, it became clear that teaching in the UK wasn’t a viable pathway. However, Across the Pond let me know they were hiring if I was looking for a job.  I jumped at the chance to help students study in the UK like me, and the rest is history.


Why did you decide to study in the UK?

I chose to study in the UK for two reasons: first, my family history traces back to England and Scotland. In fact, my mom is the first generation in her family to be born in the US. Secondly, several people in my extended family, including my dad, studied overseas, and I wanted to join that tradition.


Why do you like working for Across the Pond?

I like working for Across the Pond because we help students achieve something that seems difficult or impossible to do on their own. I was one of those students once, and I have never gotten tired of students’ amazement and gratitude for the in-depth, personalized, and expert help we give.


Why do you think people from the US should study in the UK? 

American students should study in the UK for three reasons: 1) it’s the best education money can buy in the English-speaking world; 2) it costs a fraction of what education costs in the States, especially when comparing equivalently ranked universities; and 3) education doesn’t just happen in the classroom – it is important to experience the world so all of our classroom learning is balanced with reality.  The UK doesn’t pose as drastic a culture shock or language barrier as other countries, so it makes a great first step to exploring the rest of the world.


List all of your favourite things about the UK! 

I know it may be odd, but I like the rainy weather. I love visiting Britain’s stately homes, like Blenheim and Chatsworth, afternoon tea, the different accents, and last but not least, British humor!