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Have you tried researching degrees at UK universities and been confused by the listed entry requirements? What is an A Level? What does A*AA mean? How do you know if you have a 2:1? What does it mean if they require you to have a first degree? What exactly are tariff points? Trying to suss out if you are eligible for a British degree can be trying at best!

Entry requirements really vary by program and university in the UK. Below is a guide to the basics our partner universities take into consideration when determining academic eligibility. If you are unsure, simply contact one our Student Advisors to find out more.



If you want to study at one of the Britain’s leading universities, completion of an American high school diploma is the most basic requirement for being eligible to study in the UK. Different universities will have different requirements; however, most will expect applicants to complete a high school diploma in accordance with their state's standards as a minimum requirement. 

Our partner universities will be looking to see that you have completed suitable courses to prepare you for entry into university level study in your subject area of choice. This means that they may look at your GPA, but also specifically at the grade received in specific subjects and any standardized tests you have taken, such as the ACT, SAT, or AP Exams. 

Our Advisors will be able to review your grades, exams and schooling to help determine which UK universities may be a good fit. We will break all of the requirements down for you so you can gain a clear understanding of what each partner university is typically looking for from an American applicant.



American students who have graduated with an undergraduate (bachelor's) degree from an accredited American college/university, with a good grade point average (usually but not exclusively 2.5 or higher), will be considered for graduate study in the UK.  Our advisors can help you to determine which universities you can apply for based on your prior academics, including your GPA and major, and what you wish to study. 

Been out of school for a while and not sure if you'll still qualify? Don't worry, we see this quite frequently. Speak with one of our advisors and they can help you to determine your best options for re-entering academia and how your prior work experience can help. 

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